Adventures of a Photography School… Hands On.

We believe that if you have fun, dive in and do it yourself, that you will learn the most. And why not have a blast while you’re doing it? All photographs in this show were taken of and during the Steven White Photographic Workshop classes(SWPW).

Like anything, when you share a passion with like minded people, you create a bond. For many of the alumni of our six week classes, that’s exactly what happens. Photography is an amazing outlet for self expression. It can be emotional. It can be spiritual. It can be an escape on one hand and self discovery on the other. There is far more than one way to use photography and therein lies the beauty! Like any form of communication, the more one develops the fundamentals, the more rewarding that self expression will be and the more naturally creativity will flow. Sharing this growth and discovery with each other, in the field, in the classroom and on our private social forum, has created a wonderful family. We share successes, root each other on, motivate each other to always carry that camera and to not get too busy to get out there and shoot it. Please! Come and join our community! Go to the SWPW Class information menu tab, then click the Class Information pdf, to view course descriptions, sessions, dates, mornings or evenings, and much more. When you know which class you want, go to the SWPW Select Classes menu tab(then hit the cart button on the lower right), or better yet use the link at the end of this post to take you directly to the sign up and cart. When you get here, scroll through the Info-Pictures to find the class or classes that you would like to take, put them in your cart, check out, and you’re done, you’ve saved $25/class!  Save $15 now!

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